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I’ve been working with the guys at Nextpro Training for a while now where I’ve been able to combine two of my biggest passions, helping people and baseball!


What stood out to me at Nextpro was that they are a facility not just looking to improve players hitting or pitching for example but they are looking at the entire athlete which includes strength and conditioning, wellness, and overall player development. 


I love collaborating with the guys to optimize the athletes' potential. One of my favorite aspects of Nextpro is how cerebral the instruction is. All of the guys at Nextpro have great, passionate, and creative minds that I believe really sets them apart from other instructors and coaches in the area.


What I’ve tried to do is become an asset to Nextpro and its athletes by performing evidence-based assessments on their members to assess specific limitations in order to optimize performance. I also enjoy being here to troubleshoot any injuries, aches or pains anyone may have so that we can address the problem before it becomes a limiting factor. It’s been really fun working with the guys here at next pro to individualize programs after objectively assessing the players' anatomic variations in order to reduce risk of injury and enhance performance on the field.

Next Pro Training takes the guesswork out of Baseball development. With fully certified coaches through Rapsodo and Driveline, we use individually tailored programs based on initial evaluations to help athletes reach whatever goals they have set for themselves. In combination with high-speed video analysis and data tracking, our tools and technology allow us to maximize any and all gains that an athletes makes during their time with us.
At Next Pro Training, no stone is left unturned, whether it be throwing, hitting, mobility, strength, conditioning, or recovery, we account for every aspect to make sure anyone who steps in the building leaves as the best athlete they can be.
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Next Pro Training

1374 Lyell Ave

Rochester, Ny 14606

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