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This is the foundation of Golf Performance at HMI. We

thoroughly assess every golfer’s movement quality, looking for

any decreases in mobility, strength, or stability that can have

an impact on your golf swing. A limitation in one of these areas

can lead to an inefficient and inconsistent golf swing.

We call this the Body-Swing Connection, which has been built

on data from over 18 years and 100,000 golfers at the Titleist

Performance Institute.

By understanding how your swing characteristics and physical

limitations are related, we can work with you to develop a game

improvement plan to finally fix your swing and improve your game.

We integrate our physical exam findings with your swing characteristics and what you may be working on with your swing coach.

Our golf performance assessment may include:

  • 17-Point Titleist Performance Institute Physical Assessment

  • Strength and power assessment as it relates to your golf swing and clubhead speed

  • Review of your swing analysis, club, and ball flight data to find correlations with your physical assessment



We use the information from your Physical Assessment and Golf Swing Analysis, as well as any history of previous injuries, to develop a comprehensive Performance Therapy program. We can identify any potential areas of concern or rehabilitate an active injury.


Our bodies are also impacted by our posture and daily activities. As we age, this can become cumulative and start to limit your swing. Is your handicap slowly creeping up? This may be why.


Using a combination of soft tissue mobility, manual therapy, advanced strengthening, and dynamic stabilization drills, we work with you to optimize your body and maximize your swing.


We want to give you the same treatment as PGA Tour professionals.

  • Restore and maintain golf-specific mobility with manual therapy, soft tissue massage, and flexibility techniques

  • Build a bulletproof back, hips, and arms with specific corrective exercises and dynamic stability drills

  • Reduce pain and return from injury with performance-based physical therapy

To truly develop more distance and control, you must understand the golf swing. Golfers have unique needs and demands that must be addressed when designing a strength and conditioning program.


Efficient and powerful swing mechanics are developed through a combination of factors such as hip-shoulder separation, linear and rotational power, and core stability. Power is developed from the lower body, transferred through the core, and dissipated through the club into the ball. Understanding this is critical to building a golf-specific strength and conditioning program.


At HMI, we believe that the most optimal strength and conditioning program for a golfer must focus on the above unique needs, but also develop complete athleticism.


All of our training programs are customized, based on each person’s unique needs and goals, and include:

  • Mobility to allow efficient swing mechanics

  • Stability to stabilize your lower half and core

  • Strength to maximize swing potential

  • Power to develop explosive swing mechanics

  • Endurance to maintain mechanics and performance over the course of a round and season

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